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Programs & Services

SECPSD resources that are available to Pangman School include:


Student Services Counselors provide strength based and solution focused counseling services to youth and families in order to help them maximize the benefits of their school experience.  Our Student Service Counselor, Melanie Graham, will be in Pangman on most Wednesdays.  She can be contacted by phone at (306) 442-2051 or by email at [email protected]

Alternative Education

Two off campus programs are offered where students can learn and earn their high school diplomas.

Speech and Language Pathology

Provision of diagnostic and programming services for children and youth with communication and language disorders.

Occupational Therapist

Supports the student's ability to carry out daily living skills in the areas of self-care, productivity and leisure through specialized support for students with intensive needs.

Educational Psychologist

Consults and collaborates with teachers, administrators, parents and other personnel agencies to design, monitor and assist in the delivery of interventions designed for the student's development.

Kids Plus Accident Insurance

Arrangements have been made for families to voluntarily purchase student accident insurance which protects against the unexpected costs of injury from accidents.

Career Counseling

Students and their families have many opportunities and support for self, career exploration, and career planning.

Driver Education

Driver Education through accredited instructors.


We are pleased to offer any additional information required. Please feel free to contact Pangman School for your child's educational needs.


Pangman School Currently Offers the Following Extracurricular Activities for Our Students:


Yearbook Committee

Cross Country Running 

Mixed Junior Boys and Girls Volleyball 

Senior Girls Volleyball (in a Co-op with Ogema)

Senior Boys Volleyball (in a Co-op with Ogema)​


Rookie, Junior and Senior Badminton

Track and Field